Should we Sit or Squat?

One of the many things we learned about in Colon Hydrotherapy training was the correct way to “poop”.  This may seem outrageous to many of you, but sitting down on our comfortable Western style thrones is not the most effective way to evacuate … and in fact, may actually be doing us harm!

Before Western toilets were invented (back in the Industrial Revolution when it was deemed more “dignified” to sit on a throne style loo than to squat), we squatted when we needed to poop – this opened up the valves through our intestines, and straightened up the anal canal so our waste could move through freely.

The following diagram shows the difference between sitting and squatting, and what it does to our anal canal.

In Diagram one (the seated position), you can see that the rectum is kinked, making it harder to passes faeces.  In Diagram 2 (squat position), the rectum is straight, making it a lot easier to pass a stool.

Sit or Squat

The problem gets worse the shorter you are.  If a tall person sits on the loo, and their knees are higher than  their hips, the rectum will be in a straighter position, but for shorter people, and particularly children, the choking of the anal canal can be a big issue.

I am not advocating getting up onto our toilets and squatting to have a good bowel movement –  but it’s a good idea to keep a small stool next to your toilet, so you can raise your feet, and have your knees higher.  Try it and see if you notice an improvement in your movements!

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