Welcome to Sally Hawkins Hypnotherapy & Clear Colonics on the Gold Coast

As a Colon Therapist and Hypnotherapist, my belief is that most illnesses begin in the digestive tract (predominantly the colon), and that ongoing Stress and Negative beliefs can really hold us back from really feeling our best. To be truly healthy, we must remove toxins, nourish our cells with good nutrition, and use Naturopathic and Homoeopathic techniques to heal and strengthen our bodies.  We also need to address any ongoing Stress , old beliefs and negative thought patterns that are holding us back.  I like to do this through various NLP and Hypnotherapy processes.

With this in mind, I have developed Clear Colonics and Sally Hawkins Hypnotherapy on the Gold Coast.

My Colonics focus on clearing out years of unwanted waste from the colon, which in itself can make a vast improvement to a person’s health.  An Iridology assessment is always taken before your first colonic to check your general health, and also the shape, tone, and toxicity levels in the colon.

I do believe that good Nutrition plays a huge role in our quest for good health, so I will often advise dietary changes as part of my initial consultation.

Hypnotherapy may also be of interest to anyone experiencing Stress, Phobias, Trauma, Bad Habits, Insomnia, etc.  This can be done in a separate appointment.

My Services:

Sally Hawkins LCPH Member ACHA and ATMS