First Appointment (includes consult and Iridology assessment)$125
Standard Colonic


Pack of 3 (Pre-paid, non transferrable) $300*
Pack of 5 (Pre-paid, non transferrable)$475*
Pack of 10 (Pre-paid, non transferrable)


* Please note, $15 consult fee is added to New Client Pack prices (ie, $315/$490/$915)

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy (1 hour approx) $120
 Hypnotherapy (3-Pack)  $300

Homeopathy (Remedies included in the Price):

Adults (18 years of age and over):1st Appointment (1.5 hours)$120
 Follow-up (45-60 mins)$85
Children (under 18 years of age):1st Appointment (45-60 mins)$85
 Follow-up (30-40 mins)$65
Acute Prescription(Injuries, Flu, Cold etc.)$65


Comprehensive Stool testing:

$350 with Metabiome stool testing

Food Intolerance Testing (IgG):

$310 for 96 general foods

Cash / Credit Card / eftpos facilities