This is my incredibly skilled and knowledgable friend Sally Hawkins.

If you are suffering with IBS, Diverticular disease, Constipation, and anything basically digestion related…then Sal is your gal.

She has seriously sorted me out and also several of my clients too.

Sal is a Homeopath & Colonic Irrigation Specialist and can certainly indicate deficiencies, imbalances and intolerances and then create an eating lifestyle plan and remedies to create much more harmony in your gut & bowel.
This lady knows her stuff and she makes you feel completely comfortable in the process.
If you’re on the GC and suffering…you don’t need to.
Check out Clear Colonics here on facebook, contact Sally and make an appointment to get your life back on track.
A massive “Thank-you” to BelleĀ  for introducing us.

Jodi – Gold Coast

“I had been run down for about two weeks with a cold and what turned out to be a tummy bug. I got to the point where not long after most meals I was almost incapacitated with stomach pain. I didn’t want to go see the doctor to get drugs, so I decided to see Sally. Immediately after seeing her I felt so much better! My stomach pains improved greatly. I couldn’t believe it, I went from barely having the will to drag myself off the couch to being back at work the next day.

On top of drastically improving my tummy bug situation, Sally also gave me some dietary advice geared towards keeping my immune system up and helping me with my sinus and throat issues. (I often have sore throats and blocked sinuses resulting in headaches). Not even two days after following her advice my sinuses cleared up along with the headache.

Sally was terrific. A really friendly and bubbly personality, and seemed to encourage all my questions, all of which she was happy to answer. I would recommend anyone to try Sally. I doubt there’s a lot she can’t help you with. She made a big difference for me, and I doubt it will be the last.”

Fabian – Gold Coast

I was sceptical about colonics, but decided to try one to see if it helped my skin. I have very dry skin and dermatitis, and very cracked hands. Sally recommended I did 3 colonics. I can honestly say that I felt so much better afterwards. My skin felt more hydrated, and the dermatitis almost cleared completely. I also noticed that over the next few months my nails and hair seemed stronger. I now go for a colonic about once every 3-5 months, whenever my skin starts to feel bad again.

Peter – Gold Coast

I have had IBS for years and have followed a strict gluten and dairy free diet to try and manage it. A friend of mine told me to try colonics. I had 4 colonics in 4 weeks and felt better after each one. I also did the food intolerance testing, and was surprised to find out I was severely intolerant to eggs and almonds which had been a big part of my diet. Since eliminating them my bowel has been great, and I no longer get the bloating or constipation (unless I eat those foods!)

Sarah – Gold Coast

Hi Sally,

I came and saw you about..6 months ago (approx), correct me if I am wrong. After having my first colonic I felt really really good, and returned 2 weeks later for another one, as suggested. I felt amazing. The sessions were really comfortable with you and I thank you for that!

Emma – Gold Coast

Sally (my saviour)

I just had to write and tell you how much better I feel these days! After removing the gluten from my diet along with the 3 sessions in the 10 days I feel like a totally different person.

I have suffered with my period from a teenager till last month which usually saw me in bed for 2 days (taking time of work each month) with severe cramps and unable to eat. I am so happy to report that this time round – Nothing! – no pain and most importantly – i feel human – im not a cranky pants for a few days – haha.

Thank you so much for everything and no doubt I will be back after the New Year.

KT – Gold Coast, Australia

This is a short note to say thanks for helping me with my problem where conventional medicine couldn’t. After two years of going to my Doctor periodically for pains in the abdomen, blood tests and scans and frustration at my Doctor and Hospital Doctor’s telling me I had a pinched nerve or muscle problem, “take of pain killing drugs,” which I knew was wrong, I decided to try an Iridologist. Hence Sally Hawkins, who could immediately see problems in my eyes with my Kidney’s and Gall Bladder. You recommended a colonic irrigation and simple clean out procedure of the Gall Bladder. I was prepared to try anything to ease the pain.

After just one visit, my abdomen pain went from 9/10 to 4/10. After the second visit and Gall Bladder clean out the pain was back to 2/10. I will have another Gall Bladder procedure in two weeks after which I am very confident I will be pain free for the first time in two years.

What amazed me was the simplicity, the fact that there was no pain in any of the procedures. Being able to watch all the old rubbish that has been stored in the system for many years flow out was amazing.

I have told my story to many people, the main thing that they have a problem with is the embarrassment with someone touching their private parts. I believe a little embarrassment is minor when talking about one’s health.

Thanks again Sally, I will see you in 6 months.

David – Gold Coast, Australia

Hi Sally,

I just wanted to let you know that since my series of colonics, I no longer suffer from the agonising period pain that I have had for years. I had tried everything from herbs, nutrition, acupuncture – everything! I never could have believed how much gunk was in my bowel. My skin has also cleared up!

Thanks so much Sally

L.H – Sydney, Australia

I had been diagnosed with Crohnes disease aged 19. The Doctors put me on Steriods when it got really bad, but I never felt well. I was constantly tired, had chronic diarrhoea, and was always anaemic. My friend told me about Sally and her Food allergy testing so I decided to give it a go. Sally printed a list of things I should avoid completely. Within a month of avoiding these foods I felt so much better that I went to my Doctor and told him. He could not believe the improvement. 3 months later I had my bowel checked again, and the Doctor told me that it was almost fully repaired!

J.P – Christchurch, New Zealand

Dear Sally,

I want to thank you for fixing my bowel. Before I saw you I was bloated, tired, had acne, and constipation. You put me on the QXCI and told me that it looked like I had Candida. The first week on the Candida diet was really HARD, but I did feel better, so I kept going. After my next visit to you a month later, I was so much better, and could introduce new things into my diet. It has all been worth it because I feel so much better – (and now I have a flat stomach!)

Laura – Timaru, New Zealand