5 ways Colonics can help you lose weight!

You may already be aware that Colonics can help accelerate weight-loss, but do you know why?  Here are my 5 main reasons

  1. Removal of old Poop! It may seem obvious, but if you are constipated, bloated, or feel your waist has expanded over the years, its possible you could be carrying a few extra kgs of old matter in your colon! Its not uncommon for a client to lose between 3cm and 7cm from around their girth with one colonic session…. A quick and easy solution if you are looking for a slimmer waistline!


  1. Stimulation of the Liver. What many of you probably don’t realise is that a Colonic will massage and stimulate a lot of your internal organs, including your liver.  Your liver can dump out a lot of toxins (and sometimes fatty deposits) during a colonic.  Your liver is one of the main organs involved in elimination of toxins, hormones and fats …. So the healthier your liver is, the more effectively you can burn fat!


  1. Stimulation of the Lymphatic system. We have an internal lymphatic system located in our abdomen.  Colonics stimulate this system, encouraging it to eliminate cellular waste.  A clogged Lymphatic system leads to fluid retention and dreaded cellulite!!  My fluidy clients are always pleasantly surprized at how much fluid they release after a colonic, making them look and feel much slimmer and more toned.


  1. Rebalancing of the bowel bacteria. Research has shown that if you have too much “bad bacteria” or yeast in your colon, and not enough of the good guys, then you are more prone to weight gain.  Colonics help to rebalance your bowel flora.  This is because the cleaner your bowel is, the more your good bacteria can flourish.


  1. You will make better food choices! Of course you will!  You have just had a big clean out, and there is no way you want to go and fill your body with bad food now. You will make conscious decisions to eat healthy … at least for a while!   Colonics also help with food addictions … particularly sugar…. Which can make sticking to your food plan so much easier.


Obviously if someone is eating a junk food diet, they can’t expect Colonics to help them shift weight, but certainly if you are following a healthy lifestyle, but struggling to lose weight, then Colonics can make a big difference due to all of the effects above.  Colonics are also wonderful for those “weight loss plateaus” which can be incredibly demoralising.

Try incorporating one colonic a week for 4 weeks and see what happens!

Sally Hawkins

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