Food Allergies

Signs of a food Intolerance

1, Symptoms come and go – one day you feel fine the next your joints are aching, or you have a headache, and blocked up or bloated, and you don’t know why .Most food intolerances are delayed with symptoms often developing hours after eating the food, making it difficult to identify the offending food. More confusing is that some foods can make you feel better immediately after eating, and only become problematic later.

2, Another sign is that you feel better when you radically change your diet. For example you go on holiday and eat foods you never usually do – you may have avoided the food you are intolerant to. Of course there are other reasons that you feel better on holiday, less stress for example.

Many people never vary their menus, and eat the same foods every day. In my clinic I see many patients whose whole lives have been impacted by food intolerances, for as long as they can remember. They have felt tired, bloated, had headaches, asthma, eczema and / or other classic allergy symptoms. Every day they have eaten wheat or dairy products – classic allergens.

It is impossible to know how well you can feel, if you’ve never felt that good.

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